21 Unique Coffee Table You Can Get In 2022

Updated: Nov 10

21 Unique Coffee Table You Can Get In 2022
21 Unique Coffee Table You Can Get In 2022 © Mavimatt

Are you in the same throes of struggling to find the perfect coffee table? If Yes, then you must sit with your straight back because this list of perfect 21 coffee tables will inspire you to go for a mini coffee bar at your place. Last month, I struggled to concentrate on my work the way I used to. Therefore, I decided to act upon and enhance my workspace immediately. You will be surprised to know that changing the workspace bought no results. I decided to dedicate my work hours to a coffee shop so that I could concentrate. By the way, I am a coffee addict, but unfortunately, I didn't find such a place, and traveling took most of the time. Then, I concluded by making my coffee bar with the world's most pronounced vibe. I searched for hundreds of blogs for buying a unique coffee table for my space. Unfortunately, they were of no use. Let me give you sufficient reasons why? Nearly all of them consisted the similar designs that were not stunning to me. Also, many targeted the tables for relatively larger space that I lack. Additionally, there were not the exclusive items that I wished to buy. So, I decided to look for the chic coffee tables suitable for each need as I sought them out.

While doing so, we decided to mention these mindful designers who took some time and put their souls into their work. So what are we waiting for? Vamos A Empezar!

21 Best Designed Coffee Tables.

1. Mavimatt.

Undoubtedly, diamonds are the rarest beautiful luxury one can own. Inspired by them, this coffee table is a symbol of exquisite and stunning beauty. It is designed by the artisans of Italy, bringing a little of Italy into your home. We like the touch of gold here just like the caramel sauce for a pancake. The SIERRA coffee table can work even as a side table for your modern or contemporary homes. Sipping the first coffee with the premium showcases your taste to owe items!

Sierra coffee table
Sierra coffee table © Mavimatt

2. Ben Storms.

This masterpiece unique coffee table can lavish your homestyle with bold shouting. Copper is an ancient metal known for its sacredness, giving an old-style look. Whether the royalty checks in through copper vessels or glasses, it always leaves a prolonged impression on our guests. Here's a table that raises it to new heights. You need to zoom in on the image because the lower part of this table originates from copper. A zig-zag cut adorns the corners of the upper surface of the ottoman, which is built from Belgian marble. The perfect changeableness gives it a unique appeal.

In Hale coffee table
In Hale coffee table © Ben Storms

3. Kar Studio.

Our plates always look tempting after a meal with pudding. What if you could bring this pudding in a solid form to increase its utility? We are talking about the particular finished table in abstract pudding form. Available in two colors, it has enough space and a minimalistic look. This fiberglass unique coffee table is flawlessly a blend of aestheticism and modernism. You can decorate your mini coffee bar to give it a concrete shape.

Pudding coffee table
Pudding coffee table © Kar Studio

4. Dooq.

Beauty can configure in various forms. Before enlisting ourselves in its world, we must define the boundaries. Like in this unique coffee table that has frontiers of the smooth surface reflecting the straightness and downfall of life. The stylist turned a marble piece into a stunning table with an elegant storage option. The asymmetrical leg stands on either side are eye-catching characteristics. The deep cutting on both sides can serve as storage for your best books on the reading list. That means you don't have to go anywhere while enjoying a sip of coffee because the designer has covered everything for you. There is no way of going back once you have this exquisite item in your cart.

Elegant Marble Table
Elegant Marble Table © Dooq

5. Sisan Lee.

You might be familiar with the Stone Age period from our history, where our ancestors used stones for a different purposes. Recognizing the same era: this unique coffee table is a concrete form of connection to our ancestors. If you are still very conscious about nature and want to establish a successful interrelation with it, this is a must-go for your exceptionally unique coffee bar. Made with stainless steel, it has a space of natural stone in between. The designer has successfully integrated his perception into our minds; "balance the relationship between nature and artifact." Adding it to my primitive coffee bar is a dream come true!

Proportions of Stone Bench
Proportions of Stone Bench © TRNK

6. Sebastiano Tosi.

An immaculate balanced life is the happiest one. So is the inspiration for this coffee table. Pebbles placed on the beach often rise in such a way as to reach the top. This table has mastered the technique of balancing to inspire your current life. The metal surface of the top makes it more appealing. Available in three finishes, it is undeniable to ignore its endless beauty.

Matera Table
Matera Table © Mogg

7. Arthur Vallin.

Have you ever been mad at the imperfect folding of your comforters? Well, I feel it annoying personally. Maybe Arthur is in the same boat. His intelligible instincts gave it the form of a unique coffee table where; we can chill with our loved ones. Available in walnut and oak finish, this legendary table is a part of contemporary designer homes. Its shiny finishing and smooth touch are already an indication of its awesomeness. Now you got no reason to move ahead without clicking the item below!

Chubby coffee table
Chubby coffee table © Arthur Vallin

8. Ouch Cart.

The coffee table is a medieval antique replica of a stunning masterpiece. In addition to the intricately carved lion heads and paws, both sides also feature heraldic crests. This handsome table is handmade by Tuscan craftsmen from fine mahogany, burnished and distressed to resemble an antique. It takes ten days to build. If you are fond of antique handcrafted artifacts then this is for you. The four-legged piece promises to take all your attention to your space.

Handcrafted teak wood unique coffee table
Handcrafted teak wood unique coffee table © Ouch Cart

9. Uniqwa Collections.

A table like this with simple and intricate complexity is a must-have. The top surface of the trunk table made of mungguur wood is smooth and textured. The sectional area of the table takes inspiration from Africa's native animal Kudu, whose horns are rounded. Its unique U-shaped design forms an outstanding balance to maintain the top of the table. The beauty of this furniture requires care and love on your part. Since it consists of timber, it can generate moisture and stain your carpets if placed on them. Despite its imperfections: this item has qualities that make it notable and worthwhile to own.

Kudu coffee table
Kudu coffee table © Uniqwa Collections

10. Anna Unwin.

Minimalism is the common term that we deal with today for the beautiful expressions of our places. An example of what I am speaking about is this coffee table having a sustainable design. An additional feature that makes it even more unique is that it belongs to the era of the 1970s. Rust toned, this marble ottoman is perfect for your space if you owe yourself to minimalism.

Vintage marble table
Vintage marble table © Anna Unwin

11. Egg Designs.

Black is the color of power and elegance. So here, the designer had used the oldest Japanese Technique Shou Sugi Ban to give it the darkest black color. By using French oak, it was able to develop cracks naturally. The brass plate adorned with crystals makes this table stand out from the crowd. Handmade with perfection and endearment it has everything you want for a coffee table. There is a slight gap between the two parts of this table, which is connected by this brass plate, giving it a distinctive look. If you are on the list who believes in elegant black, then you must give it a go for your perfect modern home.

Shou sugi ban wood cant & crystal jeweled sherpa coffee table
Shou sugi ban wood cant & crystal jeweled sherpa coffee table © Egg Designs

12. Corinne Mathern for DTILE.

Have you ever seen a piece of tiled furniture? If not, then this is certainly for you. This ottoman has almond-colored tiles on its surface with an elevated platform. The perfectly finished table is veracious for your modern or contemporary homes as it gives a minimalism theme. On the opposite side of the elevation platform, there dugs a hole for storage which is an additional feature here. We love the new conceptual design featured by this table for our delightful places.

Unique coffee table made up of tile
Unique coffee table made up of tile © DTILE

13. Charlotte Juillard for Pierre Frey.

The bijou coffee table can turn the whole aroma of the place into an exciting one. This Dora coffee table has designs of asymmetric patterns composed of circles, squares, and rectangles with bright colors. The minimalistic piece of furniture is an example of a space-saver, having contrasting colors on the surface. Whether you prefer sitting ground or at a low level, it can nourish your every coffee sip. This unique coffee table can bring out positive energies from its vibrant colors.

Coffee table with handstitched upholstery finishes
Coffee table with handstitched upholstery finishes © Pierre Frey

14. Caffe Latte Home.

Black is the classic color to define your intrepid solutions to your homes. Hence, we have chosen this Soho Collection from the Caffe Latte store that features this staggering unique coffee table. The matte black rosewood has a surface of the lacquered glass. The brass/ bronze handles make it eye-catching. Very few tables have storage with pre-possessing qualities. It is one of a kind. Offering a white color, it has a subtle green border. The engrossing textured design on one of its drawers is also a must-watch. Furnish your living room with this articulate coffee cum center table to give it a contemporary look.

Soho coffee table
Soho coffee table © Caffe Latte Home

15. Soft Baroque.

For the fans of French decor, we present an exceptional table for you. This coffee table expresses the boldness of the wild Pinewood it's crafted in. The amplified notch joints for the parallel legs of the table resemble the log houses of the French. Moreover, the premium larger surface offers you all the options to decorate it as you wish. You can hand over your spaces to this table for Bohemian-style or modern styles. It will sparkle its presence everywhere, we promise.

Wooden coffee table
Wooden coffee table © twentytwentyone

16. Shoppe Amber Interiors.

Remember your granny's last woven sweater? When I open up my diary page, I recall those cold hostel nights when I wore this sweater to ease all shivers with a kiss of love. Inspired by the same, this woven table of natural flickers is designed to connect those emotions. The perfect binding of the table makes it uniquely crafted through hands. Lightweight enough to move anywhere, it can help you create a bohemian style in your home. The comfortable coffee table is also an extra seat for your uninvited guests. Be prepared for your next house party to showcase the best of your coffee table to your friends.

Woven coffee table
Woven coffee table © Shoppe Amber Interiors

17. Expand Furniture.

We might see that the tiniest places are the comfiest ones. However, the only issue is lack of space, so choosing the right furniture is essential. The best way to furnish tiny houses is to use modish ottomans. Your instinct to buy this coffee table is phenomenal if you are among them. It helps you to store several things underneath. With smooth transition and clean lines, you will not be able to hold yourself back uplifting it. Whether it is a work desk or center table or coffee table, it serves all the purposes. We are putting this in the category of a unique coffee table that embellishes our place with beauty.

Cadence wood lift coffee table with storage
Cadence wood lift coffee table with storage © Expand Furniture

18. EQ3.

Board games are often popular among children as well as adults. Inspired by them, this coffee table is a memory of our old times. The perfectly finished grills of the above surface give an untextured finish. There are spaces between the joists of the table that offer a particular function - a series of trays can be slid along them or swung above them to hover above the surface. It can add an old rage vibe to your coffee area or even works as a center table. Durable enough for the longevity of your space, it comes in two colors and sizes. Let your coffee cup takes a stand on the frills!

BAN walnut coffee table
BAN walnut coffee table © EQ3

19. Wood and Paper.

Terrifically a masterpiece in terms of simple applied art and architectural specimen, this table helps you in several ways. Now you might be thinking, how? Let me tell you. It can be an essential component of Boho-style interiors. Also, the lower table can serve as additional storage for your toddler's eating table. The chic wooden coffee table is an addition to your area of comfort. A raw top portion and a textured bottom portion give it an extravagant appearance. A quick tip is to decorate it with pots of lavender and a few old manuscripts.

Boho style coffee table
Boho style coffee table © Wood & Paper

20. Nick James.

Cat Cave, as the name suggests, is a geometric masterpiece for housing your cat while playing the role of a coffee table. The designer brought up the solution to cat boxes and the companionship with your pet. The table marks the finishes of walnut, and to retain its beauty for a longer time, the finishing of lacquer protects it. The dodecahedron has 11 sides with careful finishing making it more unique. You can place it in front of your nature-soothing window to make every sip of your coffee worthy. This statement wood table is not just about you but for your forever indeed pet that scratches all your demise away from you. Kar

Cat cave unique coffee table
Cat cave unique coffee table © James Design

21. Pottery Barn.

The elementary ottoman that is simple yet has numerous design components is most desirable. Its edges and curves contribute its look to its rustic industrial look. The geometry is defined properly, and settling these into our coffee bars will provide naturalism to them. It reminds me of the old sculptural murals: that are perfect for our modern homes.

Byron round coffee table
Byron round coffee table © Pottery Barn


With the list of best coffee tables, you might buy as per your preferences. How useful did you find this list to be? On a note to ending, I am adding this quote from Alex Hirsch's diary,

"One day I'd love to release a coffee table book of all the crazy notes I got from Disney Channel's S&P and legal department."
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