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25 Best Architect Software For Beginners [UPDATED]

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

25 Best Architect Software For Beginners
25 Best Architect Software For Beginners [2022] © Project by Chen + Suchart | TRIDI Visuals / Behance

As technology has evolved and the world has become more progressive, architect software has evolved way beyond creating 2D to 3D models on a computer. With the growth of digital platforms, their workflow has improved. The primary means by which architects communicate their ideas to clients, contractors, or the team are by drawings. These 3D models are compatible with automation capabilities like Building Information Modeling (BIM) & making the whole procedure more intuitive & easier. The technique helps architects & engineers collaborate on the design, labour, materials, planning, and technical specifications for several projects. When it comes to deciding criteria, architect software is targeted for different needs & choosing the one best for you depends on several factors. They should be compatible with other programs, industry standards, cost, the system you are opting for, and the amount of time you are willing to spend on the drawing process. There is a similar pattern in which all the software work for the user in a certain way. The exact requirement of the designer depends upon their level of math comprehension, their knowledge of new component interpretations, and their understanding of structural design while adhering to the spirit of building codes as they change. In this article, we will be presenting you with 25 of the best architecture software programs for beginners to know & start. It will help you with the specific requirements and combinations of working with multiple software.

Picture of a carefully designed white building
Picture of a carefully designed white building © Joel Filipe / Unsplash

An architect's desk setup
An architect's desk setup © Quiet Minimal

At SimplyKalaa, we focus on building a sustainable environment & in the initial phase, it is a must to take the primary steps & get ahead with it. The key to anything is designing so we are here to find the best Architect Software for everyone.

25 Best Architecture Design Softwares For Beginners.

1. Archicad.

Architcad demonstrates the basics of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and provides a complete suite of tools for architects, including 3D and 2D modeling, visualization, and 3D drafting. It offers high-quality & realistic architectural renderings for advanced visualization for urban planners, architects, designers, and interior designers. You can learn more about it by claiming a free 30-day trial on the website. In addition, it supports multiple formats with plugins to work with 2D and 3D models.

Archicad Solo Version

$280/mo or $2250/yr

Archicad Full Version

$320/mo or $2545/yr

A snapshot of ArchiCad's (Plan) software interface
A snapshot of ArchiCad's (Plan) software interface © Software Advice

2. Rhino3D.

Rhino is a 3D graphics and CAD software created in 1998. It utilizes the NURBS surface model instead of the conventional application used by most 3D software programs. It is also used as architectural design software.

It handles complex curves with ease. With it, you can model any structural part that is not straight, such as the intersections of curved roofs. It offers immense flexibility in importing drawings and then automating the creation of complex 3D modeling without a prior understanding of CAD. It costs a one-time purchase of around one thousand dollars and offers a 90-day free trial for Mac users.



Full - single-user



Upgrade an old version - single-user



A screenshot of Rhino 3D's software interface
A screenshot of Rhino 3D's software interface © Rhino 3D

3. SketchUp.

SketchUp is the best beginner architecture software developed in 2000: a general-purpose 3D content creation tool for users to learn and plan the entire workflow of any project. Its accessibility and real-world applications make it suitable for architecture, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering drawings on a small budget. The software has fewer features than any of the other platforms, and the free version allows you to invest in the ones that suit your project and increase flexibility. However, the most lagging limitation of SketchUp is that it is not BIM-based, but it is best for learning & conceptualizing stages. It is even possible to create a Walk Through with it, which may be favourable for your architectural initiatives in future work.


Higher Education

SketchUp Go



SketchUp Pro



SketchUp Studio


Available at tiered pricing.

Sketchup architecture software interface
Sketchup architecture software interface © Sketchup

4. Revit.

Revit architecture software is an Autodesk product that supports BIM workflow while enabling 2D and 3D architecture models. The 3D model-based process helps architects in modeling, rendering, & constructing infrastructure more efficiently. It allows users to build models using components like actual walls, roofs & doors instead of using the regular geometrical dimensions. The best features of it are automation & collaborative aspect. It allows users to access a library of objects for design & can coordinate multiple team members into a single project using the same model hosted on a cloud-based database. The software is compatible with Autodesk & its products with a 30-day free trial & some subscription plans with annual & monthly installments.

Every 3 years







Autodesk Revit software interface view
Autodesk Revit software interface view © Autodesk

5. Cedreo.

Cedreo is a 3D home design software for beginners who intend to become home builders & interior designers. The software enables construction and remodeling professionals to draw floor plans and create 3D rendering in an hour. It covers a wide range of features specific for construction like an unlimited number of home projects & instantly generates photorealistic renderings. One can create such 3D renderings of a home with exact lighting and surface shading to get realistic images in a few minutes. Cedreo offers collaborative tools that allow you to work with fellow members & has great presenting features. They can manage project designs without going back to the engineering or CAD department & change designs before the construction begins.










Software interface of architecture software Cedreo
Software interface of architecture software Cedreo © Cedreo

6. AutoCAD Architecture.

AutoCAD is an Autodesk product developed in 1982; to bring it from mainframe to personal screens. It is popular software with experienced users & used extensively as architectural design software. AutoCAD Architecture software works on the same platform having an excellent rendering function and features for 2D drafting, drawing & documentation familiar to them. It creates realistic fashions with a mixture of solid, surface, and mesh modeling equipment. Unlike much industrial software, AutoCAD has quickly innovated for the 21st century. It is compatible with Revit, and the 2D to 3D architecture software allows different people to work & communicate as a team. Apart from a 30-day free trial, the software has an annual subscription for $1,865 & a monthly subscription for $188.

Every 3 years







Official look of Autodesk Architecture Software
Official look of Autodesk Architecture Software © Autodesk

7. 3D Studio Max.

Autodesk launched another product in 1996, 3D studio Max designed for making 3D animations and images. This architectural design software comes with great visualizations for rendering the 3D images & professional walkthroughs and animations. It makes it easy for users to import 2D drawings and translate them into objects that can be textured, rendered & lit in 3D, which is handy for beginners as you can create realistic 3D models with minimal CAD knowledge. This software has additional tools for structural analysis, building performance analysis, and steel detailing. 3D studio max also has a 30-day free trial with an annual subscription for $1,785 & a monthly subscription for $225.

Every 3 years



3ds Max




3D Studio Max official look
3D Studio Max official look © Autodesk

8. V-Ray.

V-Ray is a plug-in for realistic visualization, allowing you to show how your 3D models would look in the real world. In the marketplace, the maximum effective 3D rendering answer is V-ray & it is the best beginner architectural software. It turns ArchiCAD, SketchUp, and 3DS into a subtle rendering. The software also has an extensive material library and resources providing various options in lights & realistic textures to take your architecture design to the next level. To get full access, it has a paid subscription that is costly & for the students, it is just $149, so it is a lot more affordable than many other architectural rendering software.

V-Ray Solo


V-Ray Premium


V-Ray Enterprise


V-Ray Education


V-Ray interface
V-Ray interface © Domestika

9. CorelCad.

CorelCad was launched in 2011 as a crucial collection of design tools developed expressly for manufacturing, construction, and engineering professionals. It helps architects create 2D and 3D structures with technical precision in text, graphics, and tactile outputs. The software allows beginners to work on 2D materials & later on, transform them into 3D rendering with easy editing provided by polar guides, grips, and powerful 3D modeling tools. It is well optimized for creating 2D spirals & dimensions for accurate measurement, making it preferable for beginners. The application can be purchased for $769 and generate quick sketches.

CorelCAD (New)


CorelCAD (Upgrade)


A screenshot of the mac system running CorelCad 2021
A screenshot of the mac system running CorelCad 2021 © Globe News Wire

10. Floorplanner.

Floorplanner is an application specifically focused on designing interiors. It combines ease of use and thoughtful features to make the most of the available interior space in the workplace and home settings. This software allows you to create 2D and 3D home designs and floor plans. With 150,000 items to choose from, you can replicate your space & add in any items to make it look desirable. One feature for ease in helping & attracting beginners is that the images can export in 2D & 3D formats across various platforms. It is browser-based software & can be used anywhere, with the best part being that it is available for free. The application provides a library of objects having great tutorials so users can make the most of the program right away.