Inside Casa Azul, The Beautiful Home Of Artist Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at Casa Azul in 1950
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera at Casa Azul in 1950 | Source: Frida Kahlo Book, Taschen

While scrolling my not-so-boring feed on YouTube, I came across the masterpiece of the 20th century in terms of architecture, taste, and a story through the blue-painted walls, just like the translucent shiny sky. The lofty walls were the first thing that throbbed in my heart, and then came the articles about Mexican culture, which I always adored because of its vividness. Now that I have given you enough hints, you can't miss guessing about the article. If you are into missing things, don't worry if you have me by your side. I am more than happy to write about an architectural beauty that not only tells us about enchantress but is an inspiration to live our life. My earlier article about Frida Kahlo's life and paintings didn't satisfy me altogether because I knew there was still something missing. Now that I realize it is her home Casa Azul where she lived most of her life, I can't wait to discuss it thoroughly. So pretty women and gentlemen, hold me through this piece of writing as this will romanticize your every part.

As I always speak about the history behind it, the same goes here. Probably my previous article will tell you about her entire life. But with the context of her home, it is necessary to check the timeline. Lastly, for those of you who are lazy readers, I will tell you a short tale!

Located in the Colonia del Carmen neighbourhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City, this cobalt blue walled structure is also widely said blue house. The same area has other museums of artisans, which makes it prevalent in the area of Mexico. Casa Azul has a central courtyard with an exasperating garden, fountains and a pyramid, an old culture from the colonial era. The total house area is 800m2 whereas the outer space is an extra 400m2.

Frida Kahlo Museum from the streets
Frida Kahlo Museum from the streets | Source: Museos De Mexico

In 1907, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón was born in this home, where she lived for the following 13 years. After her terrible accident at 18, she started to paint, living in bed for almost two years. Upon marriage to Diego, she moved to an apartment on Paseo de la Reforma. However, after her father died, she lived here with Rivera till her last breath.

Frida Kahlo during her childhood
Frida Kahlo during her childhood | Photographer: Guillermo Kahlo

Now when we know a little background on Frida Kahlo house, let us move to its architectural discussion.

You Can't Resist The Majestic Garden.

Upon entering the enchanted garden of Casa Azul, you will notice green-lush trees and cactus plants. Flowers decorate the entire area, as does a fountain made from various materials. There is a pyramid in the middle, representing Mexican culture where people used to keep their antiques to showcase, and so do here, with different sculptures. Folk art decorations, vases and shells on the walls are the key takeaways for the perfectly decorated garden. Her home has a place with rock walls where she keeps Hispanic sculptures, demonstrating her creativity. A variety of colours are present in the courtyard, such as green-coloured doors, yellow-coloured pots, and blue-coloured walls with cobalt maroon borders. The perfect fusion of colours, decorations through vases, and sculptures embeds beauty in the garden and makes it a spectacular place to visit.

Frida Decorated The Kitchen Of Casa Azul.

In addition to the yellow flooring in the kitchen, the Frida Kahlo house embodies Mexican culture through its colours and decorations. If you see the gas stoves, it has small holes for the wooden fuel to cook. There is large mud pottery of different sizes as utensils. The walls are decorated with pre-Columbian art and Frida's way of embellishing the walls through her and Rivera's names is absolutely beautiful. A small dining space with yellow coloured table and woven borders and chairs further enhance the area. There are blue finishes at every corner, representing the roots of Mexican culture.

Panoramic view of La Casa Azul Kitchen with yellow floor and furniture, blue tiled platform, and antique looking utensils
Panoramic view of La Casa Azul Kitchen | Source: Expedia

Let's Share Dinner At Frida Kahlo House.

Green doors and windows embellish the yellow-coloured flooring of the dining space. A stone fireplace and vases, flowers, puppets, and flowers contribute to the decor. It has racks of yellow colour with different sculptures present with few paintings on the wall. Blue-coloured vases and a treasurer ornament the whole space making it a worthy place to explore Frida's presence.

Dining room of Frida Kahlo House
Dining room of Frida Kahlo House | Source: Duende By Madam Zozo

Frida's Beautiful Bedroom That Made Me Emotional.

Since Frida spent most of her time in bed, her bedroom served as both; an escape palace and a prison. A few paintings decorate the white-walled bedroom. A few paintings decorate the white-walled bedroom. A mirror hangs on the wall above her bed, allowing her to see herself as she paints while lying on it. Nearby her bed, there is everyday utility she needs. The toy collections, pre-Hispanic art pieces, judas figures, and diorama of mounted butterflies further fill her bedroom with an ambience. On her bed, there lies her own death mask, which she wore while she was dead so that nobody witnesses her painful death. The mask on her bed is surrounded by a scarf that she wears.

The Art Gallery Inside Casa Azul Hold Treasures.

It has a wheelchair with wooden furniture and long beautiful windows with a clear view of her fantastic garden. Her brushes, colours, mirror, and pallets are still there, making us feel her presence everywhere.

Diego's Bedroom

Diego's bedroom in Casa Azul
Diego's bedroom in Casa Azul | Source: Museo Frida Kahlo

Visiting Mexico? Don't Miss Casa Azul.

Although Casa Azul fills with a warm ambience with a variety of creating sculptures and decorations, it is now a museum called Frida Kahlo Museum and can be visited throughout the year. After two years of the artist's death, Diego donated the place in her honour to the Mexican government. In the blue house, you can feel their love and companionship in the air. It is impossible to cover everything in this article, so there is much more to learn. And you can only do that by visiting the place. So wherever you are, book the first flight to Mexico and enjoy the art museum and savoury Mexican cuisine.

Let me know in the comments which corner reminds you of Frida the most.

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