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Andrés Reisinger Is Back With Another Rare NFT Project, This Time He Uses Pollen To Design A Chair.

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Hortensia Chair A Rare NFT Project
Spring Hortensia

The last evening, I intended to attend to the tranquility of nature. While I was sitting close to the lake, watching the waves flow with a cold breeze cutting through, I noticed a still patch of the water. The sparkling little components covered this area with a fallen leaf on top. Often, the simplest things are responsible for bringing stillness to your mind. The last week, for me, was hectic, and watching how it transformed within moments, I thought- How can designs evolve to make these a part of themselves? Moments later, I came across Hortensia- a rare nft project of designer Andrés Reisinger.

Hortensia is a chair that subjects itself to the enticing beauty of pollens. A powder produced by plants to fertilize other plants of similar species.

As botanical as it may sound, pollens are a remark of colors and a symbolic texture. And surprisingly, it sounds similar to art. So the designer put all of his efforts into producing his furniture artwork with all its uniqueness.

The chair will be available on Nifty Gateway (an NFT marketplace). Owners will have 365 days to decide whether or not to pollinate Hortensia.

However, the outcome is what will develop your keenness.

You see, pollination in itself has very differing results. So when it takes place, the outcome can't be hundred percent predicted.

Andrés believes that 5% of Hortensia will evolve to become a 1/1 piece, 15% of it will revolve into rare species, and a majority of 80% will evolve to limited species Hortensias.

Winter pollination Wise chair
Winter pollination "Wise chair"

Additionally, this rare nft chair will change its design four times a year, as the pollens will correspond differently to each season. There is also a gold option available to the buyers, and it gives a higher chance of uniqueness in pollination.

Gold Pollen
Gold Pollen

As an NFT collector, you get a great chance to witness something beautifully different. I will allow this link to guide you through the complete overview of the Hortensia project, and till next time, keep your thoughts still, as I will be coming back with more such spectacular projects.

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