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Sustainable Life: Easy Ways To Limit Environment Degradation

Updated: Jan 10

A graphic art representing Sustainable Life

With rising sea levels, increased forest fires, accelerated earthquakes, and intense heat waves, we have moved to the era of global climate change. The problem does not affect one area or country but the entire world for a reason. In its Sixth Assessment report, issued in 2021, the IPCC found that humans have already warmed the climate by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) since the Industrial Revolution (starting in 1750). That means if we don't care now for our planet, we are inviting big trouble, and so does for our generation. It has been declared that only human activities are responsible for the absurd changes in our environment. But what's next? Are we preparing ourselves to see the worst? To evaluate our personal choices is now necessary to take the first step towards saving our mother earth. The first thing we can do is to reduce our carbon footprint of ours. No matter what policies the government brings to nature, the best part remains in the fact that we can start or initiate change. As your helpful buddy, I have created a list that requires the least effort from your side but can definitely bring a ton of effect. So let us get started on one step to sustainable living and find ways to live a sustainable life.

7 Easy Ways To Live A Sustainable Life.

1. Bring Out Your Calculator.

A girl calculating carbon footprint to live a sustainable life

The foremost step is to calculate your carbon footprints, which is the total emission of greenhouse gases generated by our daily life actions. We will seek all the methods to reduce carbon footprint but before that first use some mathematics. For example, if you cook using oil, or you make your body warm through a heater, or even you travel on flights, you are basically increasing greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. That doesn't mean that you must starve to save the planet. No, you don't have to be so harsh on yourself, but little steps can lead you to success, actually an accomplishment for all of us. According to Worldometres numbers, the highest per capita CO2 emission is in UAE, which is 23.37 tonnes. Following other countries, Canada, Australia and USA have their names on the lists with higher than 15 tonnes per capita.

So you have to be very careful about what you are consuming. Like in India, it is 1.91 Tonnes per capita, which is near the lowest. Use this calculator to calculate your carbon footprint and see where most of your emissions come from, whether it's your home, studio, industry, or travel. For a sustainable life, this step is vital to find out the root problem.

2. Check Your Kitchen As A Perfect Option For Sustainable Living.

A graphic art of earth decorated with flowers and a chef standing above it

We generate most waste in our homes in the kitchen, even though it is the quintessential area of the house. You can follow the steps to get things easy-

  • Generate less waste, which means counting on what you cook and keeping the slightest leftovers. Even when I cook and save for the next time, it probably goes in the dustbin, so I have tried cooking sufficient amounts so that nothing is left for the next day.

  • Also, don't think that only blueberries can provide you with essential vitamins: buy seasonal vegetables like lettuce and kale. In my experience, seasonal fruits and vegetables are the best for a healthy sustainable life. In addition, the amount of fuel consumed to import those vegetables or fruits will decrease.

  • Compost vegetable peels, banana peels or other organic waste so that you can grow some nutritious herbs on your kitchen balcony. You can also make stock from the peels of onion and some spices that can make your curries smell and taste amazing.

  • Do not think that switching to vegan can lead to a sustainable life. I have previously written an article to cover the crucial aspects. Also, cover some scholarly articles before you think to go for veganism. Also, check for vegan meat or ultra-processed vegan foods reality.

3. Come, Take A Step Toward Your Wardrobe And Find A Secret Way To Living Sustainable.

A graphic art of an empty wardrobe saying no to fast fashion and with clothes hung on a rack outside

My wardrobe last week left me with the feeling that I didn't have anything to wear. I decided to fill it with incredible colors, but my dad asked me to empty the wardrobe first and remove the items I do not wear. When I did the same, I found tens or hundreds of clothes, which I seriously do not prefer to wear, and soon my bedroom looked like a dump yard, not emptied in years. Hence that point struck me to donate to the needy one and have the minimum fashion standards. What is the point of wasting money just to show society that I don't wear the same clothes over and over again? It doesn't matter what clothes you wear, you all look beautiful because it isn't the clothes but the beauty you all possess.

Choose clothes that will last longer instead of fast fashion because eventually, their land decomposition will release tonnes of methane, harmful to the environment. It is an essential step to reducing carbon footprint and hence living a sustainable life.

Secondly, wash your clothes in cold water to extend their life and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 500 pounds per year.

This way, we can save and take enormous steps toward sustainable life! It's one of the simple and quickest ways to live more sustainably that is cost-effective.

4. Check For Energy Appliances.

A graphic art of a bulb with a growing seedling inside it

Back in our elementary school textbooks, we were taught never to leave our lights or fans on when we left the house or that spot. I bring that lesson again here at this point. To lead a sustainable life, you can't miss this step. You can follow the steps and even read this article. Or if not, I can brief you down below.

  • Check for your ordinary bulbs and replace them with an LED bulb.

  • If possible, go for renewable ones. In the long run, you'll be glad you did it when your electricity bill goes down. It will cost you a few extra bucks for one time.

  • Try to replace your usual electronics with Energy Star Products.

  • Turn your water heater in winter down to 120˚, which can save about 550 pounds of CO2 a year.

  • In summers especially, use fewer ACs because it increases greenhouse gas emissions. Try to use water coolers that are efficient and will provide you with some fresh air.

  • Sometimes, I use candles for the night showers or sleep time. Actually, you can try it. In addition to providing an ambiance, it will cost you lesser electricity.

  • Use natural lights for all purposes, and for better reflection of light, use some indoor greens that are oxygen promoters.

  • Insulate your home for better summers and winters so that you can better accommodate resources for sustainable life.

5. Transport Sustainably.

A graphic art of a girl cycling through green land with shadows of buildings besides

Now comes the quintessential step, which is traveling without guilt. No buddy! It is never about money but fossil fuel. Now I am not suggesting you not travel but like on weekends, go for a hike or some adventure by walking or cycling. Tucks your tummy in and prevents us from this unnecessary emission as well.

Use public transport wherever necessary. And avoid rash or aggressive driving as it increases fuel consumption and increases emission gases.

You should also take your cars or bikes to routine checkups for damage control. Older vehicles tend to harm the environment more as it releases more CO2.

Before you switch to e-cars, please make sure it is safe. I would suggest you go for e-cycles since it is cost-friendly and have negligible chances of risks.

6. Grow Your Small Garden For A Sustainable Life.

A vector art of a girl doing plantation in a garden

Each step counts, so growing your garden in your home is the best way to give the environment what you take from it or you can call it eco friendly living. It is not necessary that you need a large acre of land. A few pots of basil, aloe vera, or even cactus outside your home can provide tonnes of oxygen.

Also, you can make a herb house on your balcony, so that you eat fresh and avoid going out and settling for less. But make sure you use indoor or outdoor oxygen promoters plants like snake plants, palms, tulsi, or more.

C'mon bring your inside gardener and plant all the saplings out! You can even join NGOs or some environmentalist groups where they organize to plant trees. It is surprising to know that it even cures mental diseases.

7. Read For Acceptable Sources And Hunt The Options.

Now reading is crucial to know more trends and guides to overcome climate change and bring a way to sustainable living. One of the helpful websites is Feedspot, which will tell you the best reading sources on sustainability.

Reading them would help you better articulate the norms of eco friendly life.

Final Words.

All of a sudden, if there is a crisis in climate or environment, trust me, it will be us who will suffer more than any living animal on the planet. Post-pandemic, we see there is a rise in all diseases and natural loss, so bringing more eco-friendliness into our life is the only solution. Do not worry about anything because all I believe is together we can!

In the comments below, tell me more about eco friendly living techniques and a way to a sustainable life, and I will make sure to add them to this article. I will see you another time with another interesting yet useful topic.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is meant by sustainable life?

A sustainable life is understanding how our practices impact nature and the people around us and working to find ways to lead a healthy and better life altogether.

How can we live a sustainable life?

One of the better ways to start living a sustainable life is cutting single-use plastic from daily life, keeping track of your carbon footprint finding ways to reduce it. To further elaborate, we included some of the easy steps in this guide that you can apply immediately.

What is the key to a sustainable lifestyle?

The key to a sustainable lifestyle is minimizing the use of natural resources and changing the habit of relying upon unnecessary materials while also ensuring the use of only quality products.

Why is a sustainable lifestyle important?

A sustainable lifestyle is necessary to protect the nature reserves as well as preserve them for future generations, improving the quality of life and ensuring that there is no addition of deadly viruses and bacteria to the world.

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