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Thoughts matter, but it's not everyone's cup of tea to convey them in correct sentences supported by infallible resources. We guess it's our luck seeing you drop by.


You may be asking, but why me, or why do I write for anyone? In that case, we should make it crystal clear that we value courage, not everyone visits this page and look forward to writing even a word. Simplykalaa is a platform for informative brains to read and convey, consider it yours as there is no financial transaction involved for writers or readers.


To begin writing or reviewing your content with us, craft an article no shorter than 800 words which we consider is the least to deliver any message. Further, add images that support the content and treat your readers well visually.

In case you are willing to apply for our Writers Team, kindly send us a short resume and an article draft of 400-600 words. We expect our regular contributing writers to publish at least two copies per month.


Additionally, if you need assistance with the content, we are prepared to work on it together by providing you with resources and ideas.


Submit your work via the form or by reaching out directly to

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